We work hard to understand our clients’ goals and business environment so that we can give practical advice on both complex and everyday contractual matters. We assist with contract negotiations as well as with drafting and reviewing contracts.

Depending on the client’s needs, our services can range between anything from turnkey contract negotiations to client-led processes where we support only in specific aspects of the contract.

Our team advises our clients with various types of commercial contracts such as delivery, service, procurement, subcontracting, license, SaaS, maintenance, support, hosting, escrow, distribution, agency, confidentiality, cooperation and intellectual property transfer agreements, as well as with drafting of terms of use, terms of service and terms applicable to e-commerce.

In technology related contracts, our expertise includes, for example, issues related to the procurement of technology and services and the development and distribution of technology. Our clients in the technology industry represent wide a variety of technology sectors, such as ICT, robotics, games, devices and equipment, contract manufacturing, cleantech and life sciences.