Finland has the right geology and a long mining tradition. We have a strong mining cluster including mines, smelters, numerous mining technology companies and research organizations, as well as a very active junior exploration company sector. Many of the mining and metal processing companies are international players. In addition to the large companies with global operations, Finland also has an increasing number of SMEs offering special technologies.

The Finnish machinery, equipment and technology know-how is globally recognized. We at Kalliolaw are a leading mining law firm and have long-standing experience in the mining sector. We advise foreign and Finnish held mining and exploration companies throughout the whole life span of such companies. We have considerable knowledge in exploration rights, registration work and assisting mining and exploration companies with day-to-day operations. Kalliolaw has been involved in most of the transaction executed in the Finnish mining and exploration sector, whether concerning share transactions or transfer of mining and other exploration rights.

In the energy industry sector, we advise companies and investors in the questions related to regulation and policy as well as in the legal matters concerning their day-to-day operations.